Explore the City's History with London Treasure Hunts

London is one of the oldest cities in the world, with history oozing from every pore of its urban sprawl. It doesn't matter how banal a place looks today; chances are at some point something of great importance happened there. A concrete multi-storey in Whitechapel was previously a notorious slum and Ripper murder site; a disused church in Holborn is on the site of the Lamb's very unholy family tragedy; and Spitalfield's market was once a Roman burial ground. The city is constantly renewing and changing itself, adapting to the world around us, yet the marks of what has gone before remain.

London Treasure Hunts aims to help you find these telltale signs, the hidden plaques and tiny imprints that some people pass by every day without noticing. Not only do we feel it's important to know about our past, but some of the things you can find are just so amazing, and the stories behind them so fantastic that we want to share them with you. That's why as well as our hunts, you can always visit our twitter feed, the accompanying map or our blog for more information and stories about London.

So as you next go for a stroll around the city, whether as a visitor or resident, keep your eyes peeled. Look for the distinctive English Heritage Blue Plaques, visit one of the city's many tiny, free museums and take time to stop and look at a bizarre statue that has caught your eye. It's your city, whether for a day, a week or a year – get out there and enjoy it. And if you don't know where to start, then let London Treasure Hunts show you the way!