Sightseeing with London Treasure Hunts

When you are on holiday, you don't always want to be hustled by tour guides. That's why London Treasure Hunts are self-guided; they enable you to explore the city in as much detail as you like, in the time you've got available. All you have to do is print off the hunt and go!

We'll take you past London's landmarks, both big and small, highlighting the vibrant history and odd stories connected with them – it's up to you whether you want to hang around or move swiftly on to your next clue. You may well see something to add to your itinerary for another day – all of the sites we visit have something to recommend them, some are beautiful, some are historic, many are both, all are interesting.

Going at your own pace allows you to soak up London's atmosphere to its best advantage. The city is brilliant when you have no agenda; but can take time to wander, relax and enjoy the surroundings. Oddly enough, it's also on days like this you are more likely to stumble across one of those strange little items that you've never seen before.

As with all big sightseeing days – you don't want to get ‘museum fatigue' so feel free to stop for a coffee, cake or something stronger anywhere along a hunt route. London has an amazing array of cute cafes, ravishing restaurants and historic pubs, offering everything from a quick bite to cordon bleu cooking.

It's a pretty simple deal really, we'll provide the facts, the questions and the answers – you set the pace!