Visit London

Are you planning to visit London? In a city of this size, it's difficult to know where to begin, or how to get the most out of your time here. If you would like to get an overview of key areas of the city and its history in just a few hours, then speak to London Treasure Hunts.

We've helped hundreds of London visitors become better acquainted with the fantastic, brutal and sometimes downright bizarre history of the city through our self-guided treasure hunts. Each hunt explores a vital area of the city, introducing you to its landmarks and hidden gems. To help you get the most out of your visit to London, each hunt is also packed with historical facts and stories that relate to your route.

Current hunts available cover the cultural centre of the South Bank, a spookily scintillating hunt set in the East End and another in the historical heart of the old City of London. We also have a vibrant and fast moving hunt through the centre of Covern Garden. If you have a burning desire to see a certain part of the city then contact our bespoke team, who can create a hunt tailored to your own needs and interests.

London Treasure Hunts can help you make the most out of your visit to London, whether you're here for a day, a week or a year. Visit our website for more information.

“Loved the City of London hunt - I saw the city through new eyes.” 
Mr E, Holloway Road.