Knightrider Street: No KITT, but plenty of history!

Knightrider Street is a little-known thoroughfare which runs almost parallel to Queen Victoria Street and today connects the areas of St Paul's and Blackfriars.

The street begins just off the pedestrianised area of St Peter's Steps, opposite St Paul's Cathedral, near the Firefighter's Memorial. Although many people travel here hoping to find David Hasselhoff and his talking car, in reality it is a slightly scrappy and little-used side street which takes its name from its glory days of the Tudor period.

During this period Knightrider Street was a main road for the mounted knights who rode out from the Tower of London to joust at Smithfields, for personal honour and the respect of the king.

Despite not being home to classic 80s TV, Knightrider Street has appeared on the box, most notably being overrun by Cybermen in a 1968 episode of Doctor Who.