New Scotland Yard: Home of the Metropolitan Police

New Scotland Yard is the current headquarters of the Metropolitan Police, and synonymous with British policing worldwide. It resides on the Broadway, near St James' Park in the centre of London.

The terms ‘New Scotland Yard' or ‘The Yard' are often used to refer to the police force itself, as in ‘The Yard refuse to comment on these latest developments'. The term has become so prominent, it's even made its way into popular culture, with references in Monty Python and numerous popular crime novels.

Ironically, New Scotland Yard is also built on the site of an unsolved murder. While the foundations were being prepped in 1888, parts of a woman's headless corpse were found on the site and matched to other remains found in Pimlico.

Known as the ‘Whitehall Mystery', it was mooted the woman may be a previously unknown victim of Jack the Ripper. The Yard denied this, but to this day they have yet to suggest who did commit the crime