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It can be harder and harder these days to find the perfect gift for loved ones. If you are looking for an unusual wedding, birthday, anniversary or ‘just because' present, then London Hunts may have the solution for you. 

Our beautifully designed hunts can be purchased as gift vouchers, allowing your lucky recipient to choose their own adventure through London. Every hunt is packed to the brim with bizarre trivia, little known stories and funny quirks which make a memorable and unique gift for any occasion.

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What can I purchase a gift voucher for? 

Anything! Alongside the obvious big occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, weddings and retirements, you might like to buy one just because! It has been known…

How can I purchase a gift voucher?

Our gift vouchers are available 24/7 from our online shop and delivered direct to your email at the moment of purchase, so ideal for that last minute gift idea! The vouchers are also valid indefinitely from, so if you want to purchase a fun summer's day out as a Christmas stocking filler, go right ahead! 

Our gift vouchers come with simple instructions to create their own envelope - it's simple origami but looks really effective. So once you've received your voucher, just print it and follow the step by step guide to create a self-wrapped gift.

Vouchers FAQs

Do the vouchers have an expiry date? 
No. Once bought vouchers are valid indefinitely and can be redeemed at any time via our website.

Will the recipient have anything further to pay?
No. All our hunts are designed to be free to complete once the pack is bought. This means no entry fees and no public transport within the hunt route itself. The only expense your recipient may incur will be for their transport to and from the hunt route.  

Can vouchers be redeemed against any purchase?
No. Each voucher can be redeemed for one of our pre-written routes as shown on our website. Vouchers can not be used as part payment for any personalise or corporate route.

How many people are covered by one voucher? 
Our pre-written routes are designed for use by private groups of up to six people. These restrictions also apply to our gift vouchers. Should you wish to purchase a voucher for a larger group - perhaps as part of a family gathering or group celebration - please contact us with your request.

Can you offer a refund for gift vouchers? 
No, we are not able to refund gift vouchers. The vouchers have no expiry date and are transferable, offering complete flexibility for the purchaser and the recipient.

Are the vouchers personalised?
Each voucher has space to provide your own personal message alongside a To and From section. They are not personalised by London Hunts as this would delay the delivery of the voucher. If you would like something more personal please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We're looking for donations for a charity raffle, can we use your gift vouchers? 
We do work with numerous charities and have previously donated vouchers as prizes where appropriate. We are limited in the number of times we can do this per year but are happy to consider any requests. If you are from a registered charity, please do contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Will the voucher be valid against future hunts? 
Yes. The voucher will be valid against any pre-written hunt that is for sale on our website, both at the time of purchase and subsequent routes added to the site. It is also protected against any price rises which may occur in the future. 

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